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We treat every pet as it were our ow​n

  About US

Paws In Action has been caring for pets for over 11 years.  Our company is Bonded and Insured and we are certified in pet first aid through the American Red Cross.  We’re also proud members of Pet Sitters Associates

   Meet Our Team

Yaroz Coley

​Grew up in Los Angeles, CA.  She's always had pets her whole life and knows what it means to have someone reliable and responsible.  She always knew that she was a dog lover and soon discovered that she not only loved dogs but all animals.  As an adult she volunteered at Animal Humane Society and adopted a couple of dogs in the past.  She got to work with clients that adopted dogs and helped them focus on the dogs fears and turned them back around to a safe and loving home.  She then turned her love for animals into her business.  She has over 11 years of experience, and continues to learn that each pet is unique in every way and needs special care.  She will reinsure you she will treat your pets as it were her own. 

Megan Gutierrez

Working with animals has always been a dream of mine.  As a full time student at the University of New Mexico, getting to play and hang out with our doggie clients is a great escape.  I've had dogs and animals a majority of the my life and they are always members of family.  I love getting to know each pet because they all have such unique and fun personalities.  Paws In Action has given me a breath of fresh air by giving me the opportunity to work with animals every day.  Yaroz and our crew do amazing work, we give consistent extra effort to pets that deserve only the best,  I am proud to be part of the team.

Meghan Chaves

I have a wonderful time walking all the doggies at Paws In Action; every day is a little adventure!  What I love most is really spending quality time to bond with each dog, every one has their own unique personality.  I love taking pictures of them especially if I catch them making funny faces, which I use for my daily updates after each walk/visit.  For me, this has truly cultivated an appreciation of being fully present and living in the moment, just like the doggies! I'm a freelance artist on the side, and visiting these dogs has only inspired my work and given me a breath of fresh air. 

Jessika Green

My name is Jessika Green! I am 22 years old, and a recent graduate with a degree in literature and writing as well as studio arts. I've had animals my whole life, ranging from betta fish to cats and my boxer, Sofie, I've had since I was 10!
Working for Paws in Action is like my chance to give back. My dog, Sofie, has special needs, requiring people to stay in our home so she doesn't get sick or hurt.  I know how important and special your pets mean to you so I wanted to do that for others and make their pets feel safe and secure in their own homes. It's been very rewarding and my heart is filled with joy when I see smiles





We have great qualifications you should consider us for:

  • 11 Years of Experince
  • Reliant and Consitency
  • We assign your own designated dog walker/pet sitter 
  • During overnights, we stay during the day and follow your daily routines with your pets as you would
  • We send daily updates and videos and stay in touch at no additional cost
  • For a small fee we take your pet to the groomers or vet appointments 



Meet Our Customers


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Jake, Pete and Me


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